My life was forever changed in 1986 by the sudden appearance of a mysterious inner Voice—which introduced itself with the intriguing statement: Long time no see. This divine guide led me into a twenty year practice of Buddhism. And then beginning in 2005, a series of profound shifts very quickly changed everything for me. Over the next decade the Voice led me to an intensive practice of A Course in Miracles, as well as other subsequent teachings. And finally this magnificent inner guide has led me—a stubbornly single-minded spiritual seeker—to the end of seeking.

I'm the author of three books: TASTES LIKE GOD, LONG TIME NO SEE, and THE ENLIGHTENMENT PROJECT. I teach occasional classes and workshops worldwide, and I offer one-to-one phone sessions to help those who, like me, are ready to stop seeking and start finding.

news updates

New video series
new video series

I've been making a series of short videos called NOTES FROM THE FAST TRACK. These are a bit different from any of my previous videos. No script, no lighting, no backdrops, no pro recording equipment. Just my computer and me, speaking off the cuff from pure inspiration. Check them out on the video page.

Heart Stream
our latest audio meditation

Heart Stream is the most recent audio collaboration between me and Steve Wood. You can watch a brief video to learn more and get a taste of how it sounds here.

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