Futurepast Lightblossom

Futurepast Lightblossom

PrintAs any quantum physicist—or Dr. Who fan—can tell you, linear space-time is a very malleable thing. An inconsistent illusion at best. To a degree, that’s something we all experience: A watched pot takes forever to boil, yet two hours zip by when you’re having fun. Ask anybody. Time is always funny that way.

But I’m talking about something else: The firsthand recognition that everything is happening (or, more accurately, has already happened) all at the same time. It only appears to happen consecutively in our linear perception of it. But the closer you look, the more you see that there’s never been a timeline. The future is actually no different from the past. Both already exist. Both already happened.

While this might seem freaky at first (it certainly did for me), the knowing that the future has already occurred becomes sort of commonplace after a while. When you recognize that time is not linear, you start to realize that psychics, for instance, don’t have mysterious premonitory visions of things that don’t yet exist—they’re just reading off yesterday’s headlines. Which only seem (to most of us) not to have happened yet.

Anyway. I only bring it up because some of the people involved in the upcoming Grounded Heart Retreat in Bali (which will take place 6 months from now, in February 2016) are having futurepast premonitions, visions, powerful synchronicities and/or deep knowings of what will occur there. Of what has already occurred there.

And I’m telling ya, seriously, the headlines are good.

Let me back up a little.

Lately I’ve begun to accept, and even embrace, my own infinite worthiness. I’m not making myself out to be special here; I haven’t decided I’m worthy because I’m somehow better or more spiritual than the next guy. Quite the opposite.

It’s an authentic knowing that I’m entirely worthy simply because I exist—I don’t have to do anything or be anything to earn it. I could (hypothetically) spend my days lolling on the sofa in yesterday’s underwear watching daytime TV, the floor littered with empty Budweisers and old pizza boxes, and still be infinitely worthy. A little stanky, maybe, but limitlessly worthy nonetheless.

Hey, I didn’t make the rules. That’s just the way it is. I’m worthy no matter what. No matter what I do or who I am, I’m already worthy of infinite love and support. I’m already worthy of endless abundance. Of freedom from fear.

You’re worthy of all those things, too, by the way. Everybody is. Guaranteed. But getting in touch with that knowing of your own infinite worthiness is a hell of a trick. Took me thirty years to do it.

The final chapters of Tastes Like God are all about how I got in touch with that knowing of my own infinite worth. They tell how a crack of light appeared in that magnificent golden doorway which (seemingly) leads to the Kingdom—and how a divine toe firmly wedged itself in there before the fricken thing could close again.

That was a few months ago. Since then the radiant door has swung wider open every day—with a little determinedly persistent nudging from me. (Ok, it’s more like shoving. I’m putting my divine shoulder in it.) I’m spending three, sometimes four hours a day in conscious meditation to actively experience the divine Self that I am in truth. That’s my current practice: To know and accept myself in divine expression, for as many unbroken hours each day as I can manage.

And then I go back to my version of pizza boxes on the floor. And then back into hours of alignment as the true Self. Back and forth, again and again.

And as a result, I’m starting to peer out onto a whole new glorious landscape—one I scarcely dared dream of: I am freedom from fear. I am unconditional love and support. I am infinite abundance for all.

It’s not my job description; it’s not something I have to do. This is my very identity itself. In fact I could theoretically go on eating stale pizza in yesterday’s underwear and still be Divinity Itself: Infinitely loving, effortlessly abundant and pristinely perfect…just by knowing that it’s already so. (Armed with true Self-knowledge, I probably wouldn’t still choose to spend my days in front of the TV in quite this way, but hey, anything’s possible.)

Anyway it’s an awesome feeling to experience your own divine nature, even in fleeting hourly meditation exercises. I highly recommend it.

Which leads me (in a roundabout way) back to the Bali retreat, and all of the amazingness that has seemingly already occurred there.

These foretellings, these premonitions of light seem to point toward greater knowing, greater union with the highest Self. A blending occurs, an erasing of the self-created boundaries between the Self and the self. The small everyday self begins to know itself in new, more divinely aligned ways—more gently filled with self-love, compassion and reverence. (As opposed to the usual self-judgment and cruel intolerance of one’s own perceived shortcomings.)

This upcoming retreat has been delivering futurepast headlines about the soft power contained within this blending of self and Self, a power which is more far-reaching than it seems. It has been symbolically shown to me as a beautiful new sort of Big Bang. In its own way just as profound as the original explosion, but this one is entirely free of fearful or destructive effects.

This is more like a soft flowering of gentle light unfolding throughout the universe—a lightblossom, if you will. This lightblossom will apparently occur for each one present, to whatever degree is appropriate. It will also bloom collectively.

These futurepast knowings of light that surround the Bali retreat have been building steadily for a while. I don’t ordinarily use a blog post for advertising purposes, but this posting is intended as more public service announcement and less of a marketing effort.

There is no doubt in my mind that exactly the people who are meant to be there will show up to be part of this thing. (It’s none of my business how that happens, and besides, it’s already done.) Right now I’m inspired to communicate all this futurepast lightblossom information openly here on the blog—in case you feel like this momentous Bali gathering has your name on it.

As of right now there are still 10 or 12 spots open. Is one of them yours?

(Update, December 31 — One last spot is still available. Contact Mary Beth Bryant: mary_beth_bryant@hotmail.com for details. Thanks!)

2 thoughts on “Futurepast Lightblossom

  1. I love your post Carrie. Just yesterday and this morning i have begun to really take in the question of how does this different view of time completely change my life. I feel a great deal of relief that it has all happened and yet?
    I love what is happening to you. xxoo r

    1. Thanks Rosalyn! Yes, it’s one of those bits of information that, if accepted for the truth it really is, completely changes everything everything about the life you think you’ve been living. Truly boggling implications…in a good way! 😉

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