I pledge allegiance to…what, exactly?

Awhile back I wrote about pledging allegiance to Love. About making the choice to side with spiritual truth (even though spiritual truth still mostly feels like abstract theory). And against this 3-D world of illusion (even though the workings of the 3-D world still seem so real).

Well. I suppose the decision to choose is a start. But it isn’t much more than that.

Oh, it felt big at the time. But the decision itself only opened a door. And that doorway gave me my first clear view of the road ahead: It’s a hell of a vista.

•         •         •

Mind you, it’s been a long journey of discovery just getting this far. I would use this analogy to describe it:

It’s like it took me 20 years to realize I had feet and hands. Another year or so figuring out how they worked. Then I was given a pair of one-pound weights, so I spent a few years more teaching myself how to exercise with them.

Much self-congratulation accompanied all this progress. Who was more serious than I, about waking up to the truth of all reality? Who was moving more purposefully down their chosen path toward the constant awareness of Love’s presence?

I exercised faithfully, except when I was too busy. Or too tired. Or too distracted. Or not in the mood. When I wasn’t training, I spent my time watching daytime soaps and eating deep-fried Twinkies. And yet I genuinely wondered why the Olympic Committee never came calling…

All this newfound fitness has allowed me to climb steadily and ever higher, pausing every few steps to admire the valley below and to celebrate having made it this far. Now I’ve finally reached the top of the hill … and it turns out this is just the bunny slope.

I look up for the first time, and notice the commitment to truth that is yet to be honored. You remember…the commitment I made to choose Love instead of the world’s dark fantasies. Yep, it’s still there waiting patiently for me.

It turns out this commitment is a friggin’ mountain, and it goes straight up. My puny muscles are laughably unfit for the task.

•         •         •

It’s an uncomfortable place to be, this small spot at the top of the bunny slope. The truth is, I hate aerobic exercise, and I’m still damned fond of those Twinkies. Learning to mountain climb doesn’t sound like much fun to a flabby couch potato like me.

And yet.

Heading back down the hill – giving up the quest for awakening, and going back to treating the 3-D world as if it’s real – that would be unthinkable. Not an option.

I’m awake enough to smell what the 3-D world is made of, and it stinks.

No, I could never go back. But on the other hand, I can’t stand still in this spot on this hill forever. Hell, I don’t even want to stand here one more day.

So I guess that leaves me only one choice, and I’d better start seriously gathering my strength.

Because that mountain isn’t going to climb itself.

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4 Replies to “I pledge allegiance to…what, exactly?”

  1. Carrie, Hi! I just saw references to you, your book, and experiences on Twitter of all places! I too hear the Voice, daily converse with Love as if my best friend, and was led to ACIM … What a ride eh? In earlier days I thought for sure I was going certifiably insane. Yet then those amazing miracles started happening, and the all-knowing advice and words started flowing …. 🙂 A few hundred years ago, I wonder how many of us would have been burned at the stake?

    I have found so much about this 3-D life now to be indescribably incredible. Seeing with new eyes. I laugh harder than I ever have in my life, as well as cry more than I ever have, and I wouldn’t trade any of these moments for anything. I am just so grateful millions of us are hearing the voice of Love, however we hear it, and ‘seeing’ how all is perfect exactly as it is, because this life/dream without Love sure feels bleak. You are so right, onward and upward we go. (um, to where exactly?)

    Although ‘my’ path strikes more of an inward spiral and less of a steep mountain trek. And all I can say is, So Grateful For Chocolate! How many days have I sung I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight 😉

    Sister, Love! ♥

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