Ever been spanked by an ancient Chinese Entity?

Yeah, me neither…until last week, that is.

Last Tuesday, Ken Bok [of http://acimexplained.com] came down to the farm for a visit. Although he’s interviewed me many times online, we’d only met once in person at last year’s UK ACIM conference.  Now that I’m staying in Dorset — a mere trainride away from London — we thought it an excellent opportunity for hanging out, so Ken came down and spent a couple of days with us.

And with him, it turned out, came this ancient Chinese Being. And the Being wanted to talk to me.

•          •          •

Ken has only recently poked his head out of the closet to announce that he’s psychic. (I’m told his readings are quite good. Contact him at https://www.facebook.com/kennethbokpsychic if it interests you.)

What I didn’t realize is that he’s also a psychic medium. And the guide he channels is actually a whole group of ancient Chinese intelligences that go by the collective name of Yong. Sort of like Abraham, I guess, except not nearly as cuddly.

As it turned out, Yong had plenty to say to me. I’ll share just a few of the highlights here:

Apparently I ought to be a lot more prolific than I have been thus far. It seems I’m supposed to leave a ‘legacy,’ a comprehensive body of work that will continue to help others after I’m gone. But apparently I’m being a bit of a slowpoke, output-wise.

So I’m ‘strongly urged’ to get off the stick and get to work in earnest. I’m told to write more, and speak more, and give more workshops.

And speaking of workshops, we (the Undoing the Ego team http://undoing-the-ego.org) also are told to hold a lot more Power of Power workshop retreats. It seems we haven’t even scratched the surface with those. As mindblowing as they already are, they will apparently evolve way beyond this current level and make a huge contribution to the collective Self.

Or something.

So we need to leave a legacy of work from those retreats, in addition to our own personal legacies.

And there’s more: The breathwork that I’ve been developing – it seems I haven’t yet begun to tap its true power and immense value. It hasn’t yet become even a fraction of what it will be. (I thought it was pretty unbelievable before. But what do I know.)

I’m supposed to do a lot more hands-on experiential breathwork. I need to experience it as often as possible myself, and also facilitate it for others.

A lot. Like, really a lot.

Each time I do it, I’ll learn more, and new avenues of exploration will open. I should also start to talk publicly about the breathwork. Like in my blog, for instance. And I should maybe start some breathwork groups on the internet. (Yes, apparently ancient Entities do keep up with modern technology.)

•          •          •

Honestly? I’m exhausted just thinking about all this. Partly because most of my seeming to-do list doesn’t even exist yet, and I have no clear direction or idea of which way to head, to get there from here.

And yet, I’m actually not worried about any of that.

This is where trust and surrender play such a big role. It means setting the bone-deep prayer and intention that I want to be truly helpfulwhatever form that takes. And being absolutely unattached to what the result of that prayer looks like.

And then wandering out into the world at large, eyes peeled for signposts. Trusting that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, even when no signposts are yet visible. Or maybe they’re visible, but they look too weird at first glance to be right. (Tricky, but I’m getting much better at that part.)

And the inspirations have indeed been coming. A whole new exciting avenue for breathwork exploration has revealed itself just in the last few days. (I’ll get into the details of that another time.)

And a group of beautiful, courageous friends-in-Spirit have shown up and agreed to be my beta testers – yes, on the internet! – as I work to fine tune these powerful new breathwork processes.

So it’s all good.

And the spanking? That came after all this glorious hoo-hah about legacies and such.

It seems I needed, er, an attitude adjustment. A big chunk of this very long message was spent sternly admonishing me for my childishly foolish/cavalier behavior towards this breathing business. Breathwork is not a toy, and I need to use a hell of a lot more wisdom and discernment, going forward, because its power must always be wielded consciously and with clear Spiritual intent.

…Ok, then. Um, thanks.

I responded to this fairly overwhelming and moderately disturbing 40 minute communiqué (which had lots more juicy bits than I’ve described here) by promptly catching a cold and going to bed for a few days. Sometimes a girl just needs some blocked nasal passages and a cup of hot tea.

But now I’m back, and the ‘legacy’ is still waiting patiently right where I left it.

So here we go. Trust and surrender.

Excuse me while I go someplace quiet and just… breathe.


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17 Replies to “JUST BREATHE”

  1. If we are leaning to be” Present” and in the ” Now”, then what does “There is no time like the Present” really mean for us?

    light bulb moment for me…

    warm regards and cheers

  2. Thanks for sharing Carrie.
    I’m all ready for changing or adapting my Pranayama breathing exercises…..and definitely taking the Power of Power workshops.
    Any chance you guys will offer any workshops from June 8th ’til mid-July ?
    I live in Asia and that’s when I have vacations.
    Peaceful breathings,

  3. Carrie, just wanted to put my hand up and wave it about and say, “Pick me, pick me,” as one of your beta testers as you fine tune your breathwork process. ;-)).
    So exciting!!

    1. LOL! Like being chosen for basketball. I’d love to have you, Donna.
      Please check in carefully with Spirit as to whether it’s appropriate for you. Because I don’t know where it’s going, I can’t guarantee the smoothness or even the safety of the ride. But I’ll put you on the email list of potential beta testers, and keep you updated about it.

  4. Thanks for sharing, if you ever need some long distance beta tester, I volunteer :)) Still reading your first book and am loving it 🙂

  5. Carrie, Hi –
    this was, as usual, hilarious. You do have a flair for writing. I burst out laughing at this computer in the business center. Luckily no one was around ! (:

    I really enjoyed your Thanksgiving chat with Ken as well. Thanks for sharing, and the Enlightenment Project arrived last Friday. So I’m going through that as well. Forgot to bring it with me to Manila, so it will have to wait till I’m back in Singapore.

    Look forward to your next blog musing (whenever so inspired). and thanks to Yong for inspiring this one (;


    1. Hi Anil! Always nice to hear from you – How are you doing?
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, (and the Thanksgiving chat)…I’ll pass the message along to Yong with your compliments. 😉

  6. Hi Carrie – the feeling is mutual ! (:

    (re: hearing back from you!). All well with me. It’s surprising how good my “life” is getting each year, every succeeding year better than the year prior, and 2012 has so far been the best of my existence in this life so far (:

    I kind of feel it’s got to do with ACIM and my deepening(?) practice(?) of it with no expectations, then again I can’t say for sure there’s any causality there. I do know I am much more peaceful and happy than I was in 2004, when I first came across D.U, and that catalyzed my reading of the Blue Book that had been sitting gathering dust, unopened beyond that deeply resonating 3-liner that we all know.

    Wow (: – that’s a long answer to your short question. Sorry (: – got carried away.

    I also finished the Enlightenment Project (but felt such resistance to the Joining Exercises that I skipped all 6/7 sections – it must be that I like being in my ego (: and am not ready, yet, to acknowledge only the Spirit in me) –

    you have been in my mind increasingly so especially these last few days, as I went through the last section. (Thank you for writing the second book, and I’m grateful that Nina brought you into my life a few years back with her pointing me to your Crash Course (and your first book)).

    Take good care, all the best to you, always,

    1. yes, those joining exercises are pretty daunting, I agree…until (I found) — one day somehow without even noticing when it happened, they become my very favorite thing in life. 🙂
      but there’s no forcing it, and no point in trying. wherever you’re at is perfect for you right now, and that’s that.
      big hugs, and happy new year (or maybe I should say ‘happy new world,’ as today is 12-21-12 and the Apocalypse seems nowhere to be seen.)

  7. Hi Carrie,

    Just discovered you this week via Ken Bok youtube…love how you present yourself and your message, and have added your Long Time No See book to my Amazon wish list.

    What a blessed “spanking” you got! You never know what is around the next bend.

    Contrary to the prevailing modern belief that spanking is harmful an intro class to Shiatsu years ago taught me otherwise. It stimulates the brain and thinking, so it’s all good and exactly as the “doctor” recommended. 😉


    1. Thank you, Sarah! You’re right, the spanking ended up being an incredible blessing, leading me down an even more wonderful path with the breath work. (Eventually. After a bit of confusion and avoidance.) But It’s all good, and is all unfolding perfectly. 🙂

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