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Connecting the dots – 2012  (5.20)

Here’s a simple way to describe non-judgment: You have one dot over here and another dot over there. So, through non-judging eyes, what do you see? Two unrelated dots, nothing more…



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The blended Christ energies of the divine feminine/divine masculine  (coming soon) — guided meditation (0:00)

The divine feminine/divine masculine aspects of the Christ energies have only recently become available to us as a single unified Christ energy. It’s a significant change. The white-gold of the masculine Christ light is fierce. Only a person who has already cleared virtually all inner shadows can embody such bright light without being burned by it. And that sets a rather high bar for Christed embodiment. (Which explains why there are so few Christs running around. In case you were wondering.)

The newly blended rose-gold ray of unified masculine/feminine Christ light is still infinitely powerful, yet far softer and more comforting than the white-gold masculine Christ energies available to us previously. This blended ray makes rapid transformation possible as never before. In my experience it greatly reduces subconscious fear and makes divine light far more digestible and metabolizable by the cellular structure of the physical self, the energetic self and the mental-emotional self than it has ever been. It allows average folks like me (and presumably you) to embody Christed awareness more easily, while being unfailingly kind to the still-evolving self in the process. Speaking for myself, this blended ray is a game changer.

This meditation includes unadulterated, unprocessed audio of vocal toning sung by Adele Robertson (with Steve Wood and occasionally me in the background), recorded in St. Oran’s chapel on the Scottish Hebridean Isle of Iona. These tones carry the frequency of the blended Christ energies. Listening to these vocalized frequencies can be a great blessing in itself.

We ordinarily prefer to produce very polished, very pleasing musical accompaniments for our guided meditations. We were explicitly advised (by unseen ‘audio engineers!’) that to fiddle with the sound quality of this recording, or to enhance the guided meditation itself by adding complimentary background music, would alter the recorded Christ frequencies and diminish their purity.

Hence this very rough and sometimes off-key (usually me) recording, in which Adele walks around the chapel, often with her back to the microphone. Also present for this recording were a great many very ancient divine beings (who did not sing, as far as I know) and some very young birds in a nest in the rafters (who did). Overlook the technical imperfection of the toned portions of the meditation if you can, and let the sounds wash through your energy field as you rest in the rose-gold Christ ray of this guided meditation.



Awareness in the present moment  (coming soon) — guided meditation (0:00)

This is the cornerstone of nearly all the other meditation exercises I currently offer; they begin from the spaciousness of present moment awareness. Mastery of this easy-to-cultivate inner state is kind of a pre-requisite. From here, our explorations can go anywhere and generally do.