Love in the digital age

God bless the internet – it lets us connect in ways that were never possible before.

I’m not talking about dating sites (although they no doubt have their value). I mean the spiritual bonds we can form with anybody, anywhere in the world.

For the first time in history, we can find each other easily no matter how far away we live from one another – and once found we can make deep, heartfelt spiritual connections via digital signals. Ones and zeros.

It’s remarkable, really, when you think about it.

One of my dearest friends lives in a big green field somewhere in England.  The moment we met on Twitter, we both felt a nameless spiritual connection that spanned lifetimes and needed no explanation. We recognized each other. Profoundly.

I suppose there’s a chance we might have met at some other point in history. But a pen pal relationship would never have offered the same instant depth of friendship or shared spiritual experience.

Airmail letters every other month would never have allowed the complete evaporation of cultural barriers between us. I look at him (yes, he has visited here a number of times now) and see the shining essence of my own truest Self looking back at me. How could such a connection have ever been made without the internet?

Many other friends have since come to me in this same way, and I’ve grown to cherish these relationships. I haven’t met most of these people yet (and might not meet some of them at all) but the bond of spiritual friendship between us is rich and satisfying nonetheless.

One such connection was made recently through dear Nouk Sanchez. Nouk and I have spent only a little time face to face, but we feel quite close thanks to – what else – those blessed ones and zeros on our computer screens.

Anyway, through Nouk I was introduced to a woman named Eli Griffin, who, like us, writes spiritual books. Eli lives in Italy, a place I haven’t visited in at least ten years. The intro took place via email, and the connection between the three of us was such that we immediately acted on Guidance to start a project together.

We decided to collaborate on a series of long conversations about the spiritual principles underlying a practice of Oneness. All three of us share a passion to bring these spiritual principles down off their lofty intellectualized perches, and figure out how to use them as living, breathing motivators in everyday life.

So we built a blog site for this purpose. (Or rather Eli did. Nouk and I just contributed to the conversation that’s posted there.) Our dialogue – there’s only one so far, and the topic is RELATIONSHIPS – was rich and meaty, and also tons of fun to participate in! It went some unexpected places, seemingly with a mind of its own.

The response has been phenomenal and truly humbling. Me, I’m just grateful once again for all these human connections we make on the internet. Even the ones we don’t know about.

The blog, if you’re interested, is We intend to start another dialogue (Topic: COMMITMENT) in a month or so, and when that’s finished we hope to post it there as well.

In the meantime, take good care of yourself, dear friend in zeros and ones.



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7 Replies to “Love in the digital age”

  1. I view the internet similar to our collective consciousness – shared by us all and able to overcome the ego’s plan to separate and confuse us. It is truly a tool to help us speed our awakening. Otherwise, I would not be able to read remarkable posts like yours! Thank you with Love and Light

  2. I agree, Joy, the internet seems an incredibly receptive spiritual conduit! Or rather, it’s a wide open potential. As you say, we can use it for more Oneness or more separation (or both!), it’s really up to us. I just think it’s lovely to have such a remarkable tool at our disposal!

  3. Hi Carrie –
    Is the June event with Gary in Hawaii cancelled ? Can’t find any information on your site or his ?

    ps. Was thinking of attending – travelling from Asia for it, so need to plan ahead (for a change :)) Thanks.

  4. No worries, Carrie –
    Thanks for responding so fast. We might still go to Hawaii (and think of you and Gary in spirit (:… or perhaps think of vacationing in California instead and see Gary at one of his events there.
    Looking forward to your next book !
    Enjoyed your recent audio snippet/podcast from Louisiana –

  5. Late entry.

    Glad we met through the digital scene, Carrie…then in person in Colorado. And I met my beloved spouse through the 0’s and 1’s, too. Holy Spirit will use ANYthing we give Him to bring us to our senses. Happy you are in your Truth today. Yay.


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