Carrie’s Newsletter

Newsletter ~ June 2016

Hey! How’ve you been? It seems like the pace of life is accelerating more each day, doesn’t it? All I know is, so much inspiration and creativity are flowing all around—I’m finding it fairly hard to keep up. Here’s just a sampling of all that’s new around here…


wolfeboro-lakes-NewsletterFROM ENGLAND TO NEW ENGLAND

Goodbye to the UK for now, it’s a fresh beginning for us here in the States. We’re in the process of settling in beautiful New Hampshire (with its oddly appropriate motto, Live Free or Die)… Anyway, it’s nice to be back in the US!





This year my spiritual journey has seemingly shifted into a different, much higher gear. Major ah-ha moments are flowing, almost nonstop. It’s a hugely interesting process.

My beautiful new website reflects this newfound sense of ease and flow. Check it out—among other things, you’ll find info about a free 8-week online lecture series; a new release of our latest meditation audio; a free monthly dialogue on awakening; and a brand new page for one-to-one Skype sessions.



There’s no logical description for the joy, insight, laughter and miracles that occur when this bunch takes over a room. They’re coming to Sacred Shared Space here in Wolfeboro for 2 rollicking days, August 27 & 28, and I, for one, can’t wait.

Email for details and to register, or contact them via their website.



October 28-30   Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

I’m excited and inspired to teach this new workshop called Breaking the Habit of Self Punishment—Learning the Art of Joyous Self-Respect.


Workshop description:

BREAKING THE HABIT OF SELF-PUNISHMENT ~ Learning the art of joyous self-respect

Have you ever stopped to really listen to all the super-critical things your mind constantly whispers about you (and others)? Have you noticed how this internal voice delights in sabotaging your happiness? How strange that it’s our very own mind that plots to undermine us.

Ever wondered why that is? Ever wondered what you can do about it?

Come and spend 3 days with me (a former self-punishment addict). And together we’ll explore those questions, and test out some surprisingly easy and effective solutions.

We’ll work with exactly what’s present for you right now, and gently invite your mind to remember itself in kinder, more holistic, healthy ways—ways that are better aligned with the magnificent truth of who you really are.

Included in your weekend ticket is a 1-hour session of Trager Massage, with Trager practitioner Kari Lygren. Similar in philosophy to the emotional/spiritual work we’ll be exploring together, Trager is a very gentle, non-invasive bodywork method that invites the body-mind to remember its own wellbeing. The Trager approach helps you release deep-seated physical and mental patterns and facilitates relaxation, increased physical mobility, and mental clarity.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday October 28-30

$245 includes 3 catered lunches, tea and snacks, and a 1-hour Trager session with Kari. Lodging, transportation and other meals not included.

Register here, or check in on the Facebook event page for this workshop, which will keep you in the loop on all updates.



I teach from inspiration, and that inspiration comes from a variety of sources, not ACIM alone. But I love this organization, and this year’s topic is a juicy one: Healing All Relationships. I have plenty to say on the subject, and I’m really looking forward to being a part of this year’s online conference. It’s October 21-23. For more info go to the Miracleshare website.



And that’s it for now. These are miraculous times, my friend! Thanks for connecting. Until next time, from my heart to yours…