Seems I’m the last to know…

About a year ago, a wide-awake young friend contacted me. “Are you still writing?” She asked. “I sense that a book about the development of trust is being written in the ethers, and it feels really good.”

“No,” I answered rather coolly. “I have zero inspiration to write these days. And even if I did, the development of trust is Nouk Sanchez’ topic, not mine.”

Today I remembered that conversation and had to laugh. A book is nearing completion. And dammit, one of its key themes is the development of trust.

Unlike my earlier books, this one does not adhere to A Course in Miracles. It takes its inspirations from a broad range of sources, including The Lotus Sutra, esoteric mysticism and even galactic wisdom.

And yet, even without me realizing it, the deep underlying themes are mysteriously, unerringly, in harmony with the Course. Even though on the surface, the teachings look startlingly contrary to what the Course teaches.

So I honestly don’t know who this book is for. It’s probably not, I’m guessing, for students of the Course who enjoy Course teachings and no others.

And yet. This book (and this author) are unmistakably being employed as vehicles for something pretty amazing. Something peculiarly Course-related, in its own renegade, thoroughly un-Course-like way.

The resonance of Christ Awareness rings out like a bell through this writing project. I have no idea whose ears will perk up and hear it.

We’ll see. As usual, it seems I’ll be the last to know.


~ The Fricken Map is Upside Down is in its early editing phases. Look for it in 2019.

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