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Part deliciously funny spiritual memoir, part serious metaphysical “science experiment,” TASTES LIKE GOD illuminates the big questions of existence, through the lens of Carrie’s own tangled relationship with food. Her spiritual exploration of food’s true meaning takes the reader on an unforgettable, real-time journey of transformation.
Topics include:
• Overcoming food addiction
• Dieting, exercise and attractiveness
• Guilt and the food chain
• Inner peace and deepest self-acceptance


Rice Krispies Sing The Blues PDF
Watch Carrie in the studio recording a section of the audio book (scroll down)
Audio book theme music – watch the music video (scroll down)


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A delightful dish from beginning to end! Carrie Triffet is a spiritually-wise comic genius. I laughed out loud dozens of times. This book covers not just the nature of cupcakes, but EVERYTHING—including God, the higher Self, the laws of manifestation, and the spiritual secrets to weight loss and inner healing. It’s profound, enlightening and downright delicious.”~ Ram Das Batchelder, author of Rising in Love


I super love this book! Carrie Triffet’s spiritual memoir about her tumultuous relationship with food is a beautiful insider look at how one woman has allowed the Truth to illuminate hidden fears, freeing herself from food addiction and so much more. Inspiring, courageous and thoroughly entertaining.”
~ Lisa Natoli, bestselling author of Gorgeous for God, co-founder TeachersOfGod.org


This book will completely transform your relationship with food, helping you look at hidden beliefs you never even knew you had. Served with Carrie’s characteristic humor, TASTES LIKE GOD will help you sink your teeth into the delicious knowing that, in Truth, awakening can come from anything in this world that we’re willing to question… even a strawberry cheesecake.”
~ Corinne Zupko, Ed.S., M.A., B.C.C., author and founder of FromAnxietyToLove.com


A delicious read! Carrie Triffet, in her usual romping, insightfully revealing way, helps us all examine our own relationship with our diet, and in doing so, helps us navigate how to be a spiritual being while living in a body.”
~ Kenneth Bok, founder of ACIM Explained, AcimExplained.com


Audio book excerpt
First day of recording the Tastes Like God audio book in the studio. I record the book’s preface, entitled Food For Thought


Audio book theme music
I asked for something Cole Porter-ish… with a 1920’s Broadway feel. Check out the complete musical theme created by Steve Wood, snippets of which are heard throughout the book (paired here with a just-for-fun ‘music video’).


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