That ol’ black magic

Ever since I was small, I was terrified of the supernatural. Back then, I lumped together ghosts and other entities with everything unexplained, including spiritual phenomena. If it didn’t solidly belong to this 3-D world, I didn’t want to know about it.

But then spirituality began calling me rather insistently. And so I revisited the whole question of supernatural phenomena in recent years, and in doing so found that my fear of it had largely been healed.

Mostly. Well, sort of.

Ok, not.

•            •            •

Recently I spent some quality time in England, where all the buildings tend to come complete with several centuries worth of ghosts.

I can usually tell when ghosts are present, because it feels like they’re sitting on my chest, squeezing the air out of my lungs. But I don’t see them, or anything like that. I’m sensitive, but I’m not that sensitive. (Or if I am, then I do a good job of blocking out those awarenesses.)

But this time I was travelling with two people who see it all. So we’d walk into an ancient church crypt or someplace, and I’d feel my familiar stab of unreasoning fear, followed by what seemed like a medium-sized brick sitting on my chest.

And then one of my companions would catch my facial expression and say, “yes, you’re right. There are ghosts here and one of them was attracted by our light and wanted to come back outside with us. So I said a prayer for his wellbeing, and now let’s get out of here!”

You’d think that would have been the most remarkable thing that happened all day, running into a herd of ghosts and having one of them try to come home with us.

But no. There was so much challenging stuff going on during this European trip, that this ghost encounter made barely a dent. It was just one more thing to deal with.

•            •            •

Now, I know ghosts and whatnot are not a part of ultimate truth. In ultimate truth, Heaven has no opposite, so anything that’s not of pure light and love can’t really exist. All this dark stuff is just ego fantasy.

And yet.

This unreasoning fear of mine runs so deep, it goes way beneath any conscious understanding I might have about the nature of eternal truth.

It feels like death.

Feels like worse than death.

This deep unconscious terror of all things supernatural needs to be released, before I can really know that ghosts are meaningless in their unreality.

Because to me, right now they’re still damn real. And they scare the crap out of me. And I don’t even really know why.

•            •            •

So there we were a few days later, at the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. (And yes, that place was a ghost-and-past-life-a-palooza. I’ve definitely been there before.) And something extraordinary happened, as I sat alone on a bench in the ever-present drizzling rain.

A sudden clear inspiration was placed in my mind, showing me a huge part of myself that is very ancient and deep. And that ancient part of me is deeply connected to that which I label as ‘supernatural.’ And seeing this caused me to respond with a spontaneous vow:

It’s time to stop hiding from myself. It’s time to know who I am and embrace all parts of myself fully, including my own gifts, whatever they may be. I will allow in everything that I’ve always blocked out. I’ll stop resisting and fearing the supernatural.

But that’s an awfully big vow. One I’m not yet able to keep. It’ll take getting in touch with that deep unconscious fear, and then letting it all go and be healed. The vow sets the process in motion, I guess, but the work remains to be done.

And after I’m no longer afraid of ghosts; after I remember all parts of myself and my previous supernatural-prone existences…then we can talk about the meaningless unreality of it all. At that point I will gratefully release the dark stories my past lives seem to tell, and embrace the light of ultimate truth instead.

I look forward to it.

5 Replies to “That ol’ black magic”

  1. I am taking this vow with you to recognize my fears that hide from my awareness…there are many, this I know….thank you …love and peace

    1. Dearest you. The 10,000 things and I all express our deepest gratitude for your help and guidance and companionship along the way. Although I have to say, your description of ‘the oddly weird and spooky’ has set the Addams Family theme song running firmly around in my head – And it’s altogether ooky! LOL!! So…thanks for nothing. 😉 xox

  2. dear Carrie,
    we share that closeness to those levels of images and imaginations.I have been looking at it actively for 30 years and feeling it and sometimes said a full-resonant YES to it ( all became Light) and then later, it came back and i was terrified again.
    So I join with you in intending to embrace it – meeting it with love – which means to me that when i fall into despair and fear, I want to include myself in that moment in the Love that I am.
    I wonder why some Course students just KNOW that they are illusions – and so are not visited at all.
    Love to you

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