Have you noticed? There’s a bewildering cornucopia of seemingly contradictory forms of breathwork out there to choose from. Some kinds have you breathing through the nose only, others say to use just the mouth. Some want you to focus only on the inhale, others only on the exhale.

Some forms of breathwork super-oxygenate the brain and body; certain other forms of breathing do the opposite, consciously restricting the oxygen in the brain to create an altered state of spiritual readiness.

All agree that breathwork is very healing. Except, of course for when it’s very damaging.

It can be confusing as hell to know what to do.

And this is no small matter. Because (as Yong made abundantly clear to me) breathwork is extremely powerful. I’m told that in the wrong hands, it could have very undesirable effects.

So you’ll understand why I spent a few days doing the bunny-in-the-headlights thing. On the one hand, I’m being asked to do LOTS more breathwork as part of this much vaunted ‘legacy’ I’m supposed to leave. But on the other hand I received not one, but two very hard spankings in recent days (one from a Being, the other from a human being) over the potential dangers of breathwork.

And so I put my prayer, my confusion, my fright, my petulance about breathwork in a big old suitcase, and flung it off the cliff of trust and surrender. As in: I don’t have a fucking clue. You want me to step forward and do this thing? Show me.

(Fortunately, Spirit always pardons my French. And my bratty attitude.)

•          •          •

It took a few days to get my answer. It arrived in a huge download of information in the middle of the night – the kind that drags one’s ass up out of bed to write it all down, because the sheer volume just keeps flowing and flowing — and you know from experience it’ll be gone by morning if you don’t get up now and document it.

So this is what I got. This is my knowing:

What matters is the intention.

Powerful Spiritual beings that we are, our intention is the universal force that moves mountains. Our intention is what creates and destroys worlds. Literally.

So all forms of breathwork are nothing more than neutral tools, like everything else we toy with in our 3-D dream existence. It all boils down to how I INTEND to use those tools. And thanks to Yong and others, my intention about breathwork has become completely clear:

 I only want this tool to serve the highest good. Always.

And the details of how that intention comes to life are none of my business.

So all tools that flow through me must function for the highest good of all, or I don’t wanna play. (I’ll pack up my tools and go watch tv instead.)

So these are my conditions:

I ask that these tools be truly, authentically and deeply helpful for each individual who is drawn to them. And that the tools always be profoundly loving in nature.

Part of the scary unpredictability surrounding breathwork is the unregulated power with which it is able to drag up insights from the unconscious into the conscious mind, whether that mind is prepared for them or not.

So I also ask that each of these breathwork students receives only as much insight, only as much healing and light as is perfect for them to absorb in that moment. (These are things I can’t possibly know or control, left to my own devices, so I’ve handed my full intention over to Spirit permanently on this.)

And that’s how I know that whatever breathwork program I develop will be completely safe. {Which is not to say it will always be comfortable. My intention is to use the breath as a tool to help self and others wake up. And sometimes that process ain’t pretty.)

But because the great power of my intention has been surrendered to Spirit, I know without doubt that my breathwork programs will always function for the highest good, and could never be damaging or destructive to anyone.

But. Will I still make people read disclaimers anyway, stating all the benefits and potential dangers of breathwork, and then make them sign waivers before moving forward with it?

Yup. You betcha.

I’m going for broke with God, but there’s no reason to be stupid. This is the 3-D world I live in, and it’s chock full of lawyers.

•          •          •

So this is the nature of the program I’m currently developing — it’s a two-part process. (It’s not necessary to do both parts.)

1. A guided meditation/breathwork session whose purpose is to gently open us to the holy light of Presence, drinking that Divine light deeply into every cell of the body. (Those very cells are where deepest illusory pain and misperception are held.)

This exercise reveals areas of darkness and deep resistance almost by default – nobody can drink in holy light 100% unless already fully awakened.

So very naturally, our dark matter is revealed to us.

And that gives us the opportunity to gently observe those areas of dark misperception that arise, using nothing but our loving and nonjudgmental awareness. By just agreeing to be aware, and feel this thing we’ve suppressed and denied for so long — that’s where freedom lies.

(The power of our own loving awareness is right up there with the power of intention. There’s literally no limit to the healing it can bring.)


2. The second breathwork exercise, for those who wish to go the Indiana Jones route, and intentionally excavate the deepest caverns of their own unconscious misperception… (bullwhip optional…)

…for them, another guided meditation/breathwork session, this one designed to actively access and release the unconscious blocks to Love.

In both of these guided breathwork sessions, we intend to use a combination of music, sacred sounds, specific vibrations and tones that are precisely calculated to access these targeted areas of the unconscious mind and body where stuck pain and old frozen energies are stored. The intention is to facilitate as deep and thorough a healing result as possible.

But again, the vow remains the same for both exercises, even though the second one is designed to be much more proactively intense than the first. I only want to be an instrument of highest good. I’m not attached to any of these processes that we’re developing; if any of this breathwork falls short of that goal of being truly helpful, then I won’t use it. I’ll move on and wait to be shown what to do instead.

•          •          •

When I was first Guided to explore this breathing stuff (first through Michael Brown’s Presence Process, then Judith Kravitz’s Transformational Breathwork), I saw the immense value right away, in its ability to help us undo our ego thought system and release our unconscious blocks to Love.

On a 3-D physical level breathwork also has great healing benefit — because we, as a species, typically starve ourselves of oxygen. We shut down our breathing to almost nothing as a way of hiding from our trauma, and refusing to feel our own unconscious gunk. (That’s why relearning to breathe with full capacity unlocks the unconscious stuff we’ve been suppressing.)

All organs, all cells, need full oxygenation to be healthy. In addition to the emotional/spiritual healing that can take place through the release of unconscious trauma, many seemingly intractable illnesses of the body respond in dramatically healing fashion to the rich oxygenation that breathwork delivers.

But beyond those benefits, I noticed something else: Breathwork seems to facilitate a much easier, much deeper and more profound connection with Spirit. Judith Kravitz’s guided breathwork CD is about 45 minutes long, but each time I listened, by around the halfway mark I would spontaneously feel inspired to join deeply with Spirit in Divine Presence…instead of whatever Judith was instructing us to do.

I was working daily with this CD, roughly two weeks prior to the October Power of Power retreat workshop that Nouk, Stacy and I were to be teaching in Colorado. And I started to feel really inspired to share this breathing practice at that workshop, despite my near-total lack of experience with it.

So during one breathing session, while joined with Spirit in holy Presence, I asked if it would be appropriate for me to teach this at the workshop. And the answer, stated powerfully, was: THIS IS THE PATHWAY WITHIN.

And the unspoken feeling surrounding the words was: Yes, Yes definitely. Yes. Teach it.

So I did. At that retreat I led a couple of guided breathwork sessions, and just let the inspiration flow through me for how they should go. And I have to say, the results were amazing.

But that was beginner’s luck. (Or beginner’s Grace. Either way, it had nothing to do with me.) So I’ve been slowly studying, researching, developing it ever since. Just so that I have some kind of clue about what I should be teaching, here.

But it doesn’t really matter what form the breathing ultimately takes. Now I know my only real job is to keep my intention on the highest good. Eyes on the prize. After that, it really isn’t up to me.






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  1. Today is the last day of my second round of The Presence Process. The first time round, last year, was so powerful I thought that was enough. And, I thought, I’m studying ACIM so I don’t need anything else do I …. but it came up again, when I really asked Spirit to use my body for highest purpose and that I didn’t have a clue what or how that might be. When I did that TPP came straight up.

    I have a friend who’s training as a Judith K breath worker and I had some sessions with her. Powerful stuff indeed. I’d asked that it be without drama but what I needed, and in the time I needed, and so far that’s how it’s been. Uncomfortable, sometimes not very nice, sometimes very surprising or really really annoying, but no great drama. Just a steady undoing. First time round my intent was to get it all out and done, lets really get down to business I’d said – but that was way too much for one go and no wonder it was so painful. Spirit is gentle and always kind.

    So now I intend the three week break as Michael suggests, and then start round 3. And I’ll trust the next specific intention will unfold over the next few weeks. But like you say Carrie, my only real job is to keep my intention on the highest good and leave the rest to Spirit.

    1. yes, that’s it exactly, Anne! these tools can be incredibly useful, but how we experience them is totally according to what we ask/intend to get out of them. so glad to hear you’ve found the breath work to be such a great addition to your ACIM practice. That’s definitely been my experience too. xox

  2. Sounds intriguing. I look am looking forward to this work and am looking into the TTP as preparation. Will let you know how it goes. I love the part in the latest blog about feeling all peaceful, and then discovering the underbelly of that peace isn’t quite as pretty. I so am there with you and wondered how to get at it. All I need to do is ask apparently LOL.
    Love and light to you and much gratitude for unfolding the path through your experience.

    1. Hi, Mary Beth! Yes, there were aspects of TPP that I didn’t love. But overall I felt it was incredibly powerful — it was the thing that shifted me into realizing I could turn around and face my stuff with open arms to welcome it back into my one Self, instead of turning away from it, or continuing to suppress it.

      I’d been on a path heading toward that realization for a year or so before that, but nevertheless it was a hugely profound shift when it came. I do highly recommend TPP, and I credit it with causing a quantum leap in the direction of loving reintegration. I agree It will be beautiful preparation for you, for the work that we do together. 🙂
      lots of love and gratitude back,

  3. Hello! I would love to be put on your mailing list (if you have one). I would like to experience the breath-work program you establish after your own experiences and research. Is there a book? Workshops? I am “doing” TPP (Week 5, Day 5) and “feel” changes but don’t feel deep release from the womb until age 7 (as mentioned in the book) traumas. I want more!!!! I want to be clear and a vehicle for Light and the God Energy – One With God. I really am thankful to have found you and thankful for your dedication and persistence. Thank you on behalf of All Of Us One.

    1. Hi Dianne! Thank you, yes, I have a mailing list. if you go to homepage and look in the right side menu, hit ‘subscribe.’ I’m woefully remiss in sending out regular newsletters…when life experiences get especially juicy and rich (as they have been all year), I seem to stop blogging or sending newsletters because the depth of information flowing through doesn’t lend itself to short, snappy communiques! Must get better about that.

      Anyway, the FountainLight program is finally just minutes (ok days, maybe a week?) away from being released. It’ll come out as an MP3 first, and physical CDs later on. We do envision workshops based on FountainLight, but we place it all in the hands of God. Waiting to be shown what that looks like. Thank you for giving us this loving nudge in that direction!

      There is a book, actually, that’s part of the FountainLight program. It’s included in the package as a recorded audiobook, but we’re also releasing it separately as a free e-book. It’ll be in the iTunes iBookstore, the Kobo bookstore, and also available as a PDF downloaded from (no Kindle version on Amazon, because they would want us to charge for it.) So please do stay tuned for that, and let us know what you think of it. And if you do try the FountainLight program, please stay in touch and let us know your experiences with it.

      lots of love and gratitude,

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