Coming in 2019

THE FRICKEN MAP IS UPSIDE DOWN – a handbook of spiritual freedom.

I spent 33 years engaged in spiritual seeking. And it probably would’ve been 33 more…but then this happened.

A new approach to the whole idea of what a spiritual journey ought to look like. This book is a game changer. It certainly has been for me. And it’s not even fully written yet.

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Dickens would be proud. Maybe.

In the 19th Century long-form stories were serialized in monthly magazine installments first, and turned into printed books afterward.

I plan to do a 21st Century version of this, kind of. As soon as they’re ready, I will release the essays from the newest book THE FRICKEN MAP IS UPSIDE DOWN  one by one as individual weekly blog posts. Or maybe I’ll read them out via Facebook Live instead. Haven’t decided what the delivery method will be.

Anyway, whether written or spoken aloud, you can access the content in this fashion as my gift to you. Or you can opt for the convenience of owning it all at once, as a purchased book.