love me some coffeeThere’s been a lot of talk among God’s students lately about food’s perfect innocence. How it’s neither good nor bad for you, how it doesn’t make you thin or fat, sick or healthy. How (like every other aspect of this 3-D illusion), food is entirely neutral. That I’m the one who gives it all the meaning it has for me. If I say it’s fattening, in other words, then it is. If I say it’ll make me sick—or well—then it will.

I get it in principle. I’ll bet many of us do.

Well, forget the theoretical realm. I decided to test it out for real. And I had just the perfect test subject in mind:  Lately coffee disagrees with me in a big way. And you know how I love my morning coffee. That sexy siren scent wafts in from the kitchen and I either give in and have a cup—and then spend the morning wishing I hadn’t—or I deny myself a cup and spend the morning wishing I had.

So it was a perfect test candidate, then.

Today I wanted a cup, but decided to check in first to see if it was a good idea or not. It’s the first time I ever asked for internal divine wisdom beforehand, instead of just making the decision unilaterally.  The few times I tested this food innocence business in the past, I made my choice to eat or drink something, then after that I asked my Highest Self to be present with me while I ate or drank it.  Then I ate or drank consciously, together with Spirit, giving it my best attempt to enjoy those foods I thought were bad for me.  Doing my best to let them be neutral while I consumed them.

My results were always inconclusive.

•                •                 •

Today, when I checked in prior to pouring the coffee, I got schooled on how it’s really done:

By drinking coffee with your digestive tract in its current state, worldly laws indicate you will suffer for it.

 If you want to experience no ill effect from this coffee, you must withdraw all belief from your self-created universe of hate and rage (which is the only power that upholds worldly laws), and place FULL trust in me. Through me, you will be able to see and feel the coffee’s true innocence. Not a concept of innocence, as your thinking mind would generate, but a true knowing of its innocence.

I silently agreed to withdraw all belief from worldly laws, and to lean into holy truth instead.

The coffee is neutral. Do you feel this?


Good. In its neutrality, the love of God shines through it.

I saw that the moment my beliefs about it were released, the coffee’s true God-nature was revealed: It was lovely, gently radiant in its ineffable holiness.

Now look at your stomach and digestive system. They, too, are perfectly neutral. They, too, are suffused with God. More than suffused, actually. They are composed of the God Self, as is the coffee in its cup. As is the cup.

 Can you feel your wholeness, dear one? All is the God Self. In this knowledge (which is always felt, and never intellectualized through the thinking mind), nothing in this world can ever harm you. You are just pretending to shuffle bits of your God Self from one spot to the next. It’s all you. It’s all equally innocent and harmless, and it all cherishes the infinite perfection that you really are.

I relaxed into the profound safety and joy of this simple truth. My world shimmered with God-awareness.

Now, in this peaceful certainty that coffee is your own love shining its holiness, you can temporarily reunite it with a dream of a 3-D digestive system which is also shining its holy God Self. By resting in this truth, coffee can have no ill effects. Nor could it ever want to. It has been reminded of its own perfect innocence in you. It has been liberated, dear one, and welcomed back into the one holy Self.

The awareness of divine gentleness, love and safety has persisted all morning, coloring every aspect of my perception.  And oh my, that cup of coffee went down easy.

I think I’ll have another.


  1. Every little bit helps in how to look at the world and things in it. Even having a coffee. I tend to lean more toward the health side of things, and whether some of the supplements work or not, I believe they do, especially after I read the indicated benefits. Like I believe 13 is a lucky number, because that’s the floor I live on. Its all in the mind.


    1. You know what, Vernon? Just being aware of the choices you’re making is a wonderful kind of freedom. Recognizing what you’re choosing to believe in, what concepts you’re still preferring to play with (like the benefits of nutritional supplements — and I have SO been right there with you on that) is a huge step toward total freedom. You’re right, it’s all in the mind. And the more the mind gets liberated from unconscious patterns and habits, the easier it gets to ultimately choose freedom.

  2. Carrie, what a way to start the day! Feels nearly as good as coffee to start my day with your Holy Spirit Infused spirit~I cannot wait to do my own research~Love, Sonja

  3. Thank You for this Carrie!!! One of the many things I am grateful for getting a cancer diagnosis. I spent my life in the medical world ‘preventing cancer’…lololololololo… get off this… stay away from that… definitely do 150 mg of this,…. on and on ad nauseum. So I had been ‘off coffee’ for years… still loved the smell… avoided the taste… so with cancer… all my self imposed ‘rules’ for avoiding cancer were off…. I immediately started drinking coffee !!!! I guess I can say on so many levels…. ‘thank you cancer for showing me the silliness of my thinking”… I think I may have some gluten with my cafiene!! xoxoxoxoxox

    1. yeah. Nothing like a cancer diagnosis to make a person reconsider their unexamined assumptions about the world. Of course, this business of tossing out the restrictions only works if we take it all the way into very conscious trust of the Holy Self. As you yourself have done, Calico! And because of that total surrender into the thought system of Spirit, you’ve seen the vast unfolding of miracles resulting from that conscious trust. (And only a few of those miracles have to do with coffee and breakfast cake!)

      This is a very different thing from getting sick and then making an intellectual decision to stop taking care of the body’s health because somebody said food doesn’t make you sick. A fine line, requiring real commitment to God and Holy Self, where serious illness is involved.

  4. …hang on a minute…this sounds like I can justify heroin, sex, murder, money addiction, any destructive tendency at all, without having first asked what’s it for? and undone that…
    Yippeeeee….GREAT! I get to keep those cherished addictions 😛

    1. Justify, Niramisa? LOL. Justification is a function of ego. If the ego is even a little bit present while you’re attempting to know the innocence of money, drugs or anything else, you’re out of luck, I’m afraid. In God all is harmless but it’s also useless and meaningless. So as long as it’s a ‘cherished addiction’ it will continue to keep all its destructive tendencies intact. As long as something is lumped into a category of harmfulness, it will show you the harmfulness you expect from it. Only when its worldly function/intention is completely seen through, disregarded and disbelieved, in favor of ultimate truth, will its underlying radiant harmlessness reveal itself.

  5. Hey, but I used the same reasoning and heard the same voice. It told me of the innocence of heroin and many other things, so I happily carried on with them, assured of their ‘innocence’ and my safety…(this was me justifying my special relationships without being able to see that I was) hmmmmmm…all sounds rather bogus…how do you get out of the logical quandary Carrie?

    1. No logic. No quandary. It’s a steadfast heart-based knowing that truth is true, and needs no defense or debate.

      I feel no fear that I might unconsciously choose to twist the teachings of Spirit to benefit my own egoic preferences. My desire for truth means I engage in constant self-inquiry, always inviting Spirit to show me where I might be making errors in perception. I’m willing to be wrong. I don’t mind being a fool. I ask to have my beliefs and judgments turned upside down and swept away, to make room for healed perception instead. And so I get what I ask for, constantly. My eyes, as much as I can manage it, are on God. And I ask the Holy Self to rap me with a Zen stick to get my attention whenever I’m tempted to wander off this road I’ve chosen.

      This is my choice, it’s the path I’ve freely embraced, lovely you. I have no investment at all in trying to persuade you of its validity. You are 100% free to find it bogus. I will love you anyway, and keep my eyes focused on my chosen course.

  6. So inspiring Carrie. I have also hade some intestinal symptoms.
    What I have been doing is, that when I have been eating or drinking something that doesn’t felt good, I say to the food. – If the body for any reason should feel uncomftable, I will just let you know, that it has absolutely nothing to do with you. I’m the one who is 100% responsible here – and then the symptoms immediately disappear.
    My symptoms are almost gone. But I will definitely try what you have received.
    After reading your experience, I have wandered if I only remove the effect. It doesn’t seem so, but I will be happy to here what you think.
    I have the way of doing it from Hew Len (Ho’oponopono), when he eats his beloved burger

    1. Hi Alicia. You do seem to be very much on the right track. But I agree that you might only be removing the effect, in this instance. I suspect the core of absolute truth is possibly not being fully addressed here. But Ho’oponopono is an excellent practice nevertheless, and it does a great deal to heal the mind along with its effects. Taking the whole thing a step further into knowing the truth of Love’s oneness certainly can’t hurt.

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