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Miracle Cafe – The 3 Essential Keys – April 28, 2020 (59:10)

The full (slightly unwieldy) title is: The 3 Essential Keys to Knowing the Christed Self Within. This was a zoom lecture originally scheduled as a live event for students of A Course in Miracles, sponsored by the good folks at Miracle Cafe in London.


Self Love, Divine Love: a 2-pronged approach to the spiritual journey – 2018  (54:06)
Armin Rott’s interview for the Awaken to Love global ACIM conference in November 2018. (The book I refer to in the interview is The Fricken Map is Upside Down.)



Right This Very Minute – 2016  (6:16)
To know yourself as you really are in truth — It’s easy, and it’s equally available to everybody. No enlightenment needed.


At The Movies – 2016  (7:13)
I’m pretty sure that what we think of as “enlightenment” is actually no big deal…and it’s within everybody’s grasp. Roll film.


Your Divine Inheritance – 2016  (7:51)
Go grab a mug of something hot, and let’s talk about just how rich you really are…


What is the Higher Self – 2016  (8:03)
It may not be what you think. (Or maybe it is.) Either way, isn’t it time to get to know YourSelf firsthand?
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