The Enlightenment Project
The Enlightenment Project by Carrie Triffet

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Carrie Triffet is hell bent on Heaven; she wants a permanent awakening, no matter what. THE ENLIGHTENMENT PROJECT documents Carrie's own ongoing journey of discovery, sharing helpful shortcuts (and pitfalls to avoid) for the benefit of fellow travelers on a similar path.

With her trademark blend of keen observation and relaxed, quirky humor, Carrie offers readers a wealth of spiritual insight and practical advice for this 'journey without destination.'

"Instead of preaching at you, Carrie turns in the direction you are facing, and with a gentle invitation you can't resist, says, 'Let's walk together while we talk, shall we?' THE ENLIGHTENMENT PROJECT is everything a book on spiritual discovery should be."
-- Sean Webb, creator of I AM

"If you want to understand enlightenment, read this book. THE ENLIGHTENMENT PROJECT brilliantly explains the unexplainable – all with a wit and humor equal to [that of] CALVIN AND HOBBES..."
-- Ike Allen, filmmaker of A Course in Miracles: The movie

"Carrie examines thought systems we hold sacred, and dissects them to see where they act as barriers [instead of] sign posts on the path to enlightenment. Her words can't help but steer you in the right direction."
-- Elizabeth Griffin, author of A Place of Grace – Stories From a Spiritual Traveler
promo video

We had great fun making this short promo video for the book.

Special thanks go to super talented photographer Isabel for the wonderful filming and to master baker Claudia for the awsome chocolate cakes!

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